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5 most common MYTHS about background verification

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5 most common MYTHS about background verification

Background checks are mandatory for employers who wish to have a clear picture of who they are hiring. With big companies being taken to court over compliance issues, a hiring manager could easily develop ideas about background screening that simply isn't true

Here are five common myths about background checks and the truth about what to do:

  1. Applicant’s social media can be a deciding factor for hiring

While the internet does have a large capacity of data, the accuracy of that data isn't dependable and can set you up to fail in unexpected ways. Social media helps to reveal age, race, disability, etc but these types of factors are the same ones you absolutely do not want to consider in the hiring process.

  1. Only big businesses require background checks

Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, a medium-size business or a small business, employee background screening is extremely important. In fact, small and medium-size businesses could not bear the losses arising from employee theft or embezzlement and are finally shut down as they have limited capital to absorb the losses.

  1. You can run employment background checks in – house

Companies can definitely do in-house checks but the problems and risks are many. Free or cheap background check sites do not offer validated data. Also, If you’re not experienced, activities, like calling for credential verification or contacting the authorities regarding criminal records, can be exhausting and time-consuming.

  1. Background screening of candidates is a time taking process

How long does a background check will take depends on many factors like extensiveness of the search, length of records, location of records, and local laws. Experienced organizations like IsparkIndia can deliver the reports in as few as three working days. The more time you take to onboard the candidate, the more are the chances of losing him as he may join some other organization in that span of time

  1. Background verification services are too expensive for my organization

Bad hires can cost employers much more than company morale and team productivity. A bad hire saps the organization’s resources by way of increased investment in training, coaching and mentoring, performance reviews and disciplinarian actions, and so on. Not to mention the actual cost of the hiring process itself – designing and administering tests and tools, time and effort of the hiring managers and HR, etc. Then there is the cost of the employee leaving and having to start all these processes all over again.

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Separating myth from reality can sometimes be difficult. That’s why it’s important to know the rules and follow the best practices for recruitment and hiring. If you have any questions about employee screening and employment background checks, contact the experts at IsparkIndia for assistance.

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