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3 Benefits of Background Screening Based on Job Type

Why do employers conduct background checks? Is it simply to verify a job candidate’s qualifications, or are there additional benefits? The top four benefits employers realize by conducting background screening and how it adds value to their organization. Improved quality of hire:- Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents said that the quality of their hires improved due […]

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5 ways to do resume verification.

A thorough resume verification process should include certain checks that cover each and every aspect of information provided in the resume. Below, we outline which areas you should not miss out in your CV validation process for job applicants. 1) Education Verification:- Among the 1 out of 6 candidates who lied on their resume, 1.56 […]

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Fintech login gets an India, China lift

In 2017, the first time the index was created, India’s fintech adoption rate was 52% — still higher than the global average of 33%. India’s fintech adoption has risen exponentially over the last two years led by the government’s push toward a digitalised economy and financial inclusion. EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019 says that […]

Ten Secrets of Background Checks

Background checks by employers are on the rise, but do you really know everything that is being searched? Did you know that your employer may be liable if they use some types of information to deny you employment? Whether you are getting checked or are doing the checking, you’ll need to know these ten secrets […]

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Retail auditing – Mysteries unrevealed

When someone mentions the word ‘audit’, the majority of people want to run for the hills. The word itself has become negative over time and for good reason. An audit is an investigation into how you are doing. It’s not a traditional audit in the sense that your finances are being investigated however; a retail […]

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Three sure-shot CX strategies for Field service operations which nobody will tell you.

Studying the Customer Experience feedback for companies that utilize a field service delivery model reveals some interesting insights. The most interesting of which is the importance of the field executive. The impact of their performance comes not only from their technical ability to perform the install or repair task, but also their ability to interact […]

retail audit, customer satisfaction, field marketing services, retail auditing

Retail Auditing – Your brand’s progress card

When someone mentions the word ‘audit’, the majority of people want to run for the hills. The word itself has become negative over time and for good reason. An audit is an investigation into how you are doing. It’s not a traditional audit in the sense that your finances are being investigated however; a retail […]

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customer base, market research, loyal customers, market research strategies

Market Research – A perfect turnaround strategy for business growth

The advancement of technology has given us so many ways of finding out what we need to do to sustain businesses of different kinds. Regardless of the differences that are unique to each business, one thing remains important – knowing what your customer base wants, and then work on fulfilling their needs in order to […]

mystery shopping, employee performance, customer experience, employee experiences, company culture

Mystery shopping: your best tool in building an amazing CX strategy

Decades ago, mystery shopping used to be a tool to simply measure employee performance. Nowadays, it’s used by businesses in retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries to measure the quality of the customer experience they provide. Know your Weaknesses Mystery shopping helps identify areas in need of improvement. If one of those needs is to improve employee […]

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As a HR professional, you should know why Background verification has to be job specific.

Identifying the type of background checks you should be running on candidates, while trying to stay within budget constraints and being under pressure to hire faster, can make it hard to make decisions about how comprehensive your employment screening should be. Although background checks are necessary and should always be viewed as an investment, there […]

Background Checks, Criminal Records, Employee Background Checks, IsparkIndia

Only 42% HR heads know these secrets of Background verification checks.

Most people might find it unseemly were you to run background checks on your potential dates prior to asking them out. But the same does not hold true when hiring a new employee. While taking a chance on a blind date might result in a bad evening, there’s absolutely no doubt that making a wrong […]

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Customer Satisfaction, Customers Expectations, Customer Relations, Market Researchers, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Surveys, Mystery shopping

Ignoring social expectations while designing CX strategy can be very risky.

Everyone has their expectations when buying a product. Whether this is conscious or not; this is true for both, in-store and online purchases. Customer satisfaction is vital to a company’s progress. After saving money for a long period of time to buy something you always wanted, you would be disappointed if the product didn’t meet […]

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Customer satisfaction surveys, Satisfaction surveys, customers' requirements, customer loyalty, customer focused, customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey if not scientifically measured is not worth it.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a form of research in which you ask your customers for their views on issues that indicate how well or how badly your company is performing. Satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for small businesses, helping you gain a better understanding of your customers’ requirements and concerns so that you improve […]

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Market Research, Business Strategy, Potential Customer, Market Positioning, iSPARK

10 Aspects of Market Research Activity which every business should be definitely aware of.

The benefits of a good market research exercise should never be underestimated. Perceived sometimes (and wrongly) as a costly project to undertake, the lack of it in any business will ultimately play with the bottom line, and probably not in a positive way. There are many reasons why market research should be a constant in any […]

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Employing and Screening, Background Check Process, Background Check

Golden rules all HR heads should know positively on employment background checks.

When employing and screening, there are a few key things you must consider when reviewing your background check process. When implementing or evaluating your background check program, be sure to take the following requirements into consideration. Candidate Disclosure Employers in India may give candidates the opportunity to declare any criminal convictions or offenses for which they have not been granted […]

Mystery Shopping

Advantages of Mystery Shopping for the Better Business

Mystery shopping insights come from great mystery shopping programs and can provide in depth analysis of any business situation. Whether the program is aimed at employee training, compliance factors, or specific customer service aspects, the insights a good MSP offers are vital to business growth. By understanding and analyzing mystery shopping insights, a company can learn about how best […]

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Background Verification, Background Screening, Background Checks, Human Resources, Management, Hiring Risks

4 ways How can HR contribute to plugin the revenue leakage.

Why do HR conduct background checks? Is it simply to verify a job candidate’s qualifications, or are there additional benefits? The top four benefits HR realize by conducting background screening and how it adds value to their organization. 1. Improved quality of hire Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents said that the quality of their hires improved […]

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Customer Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Customer Feedback, iSPARKIndia

Mysteries of Customer Satisfaction Surveys unrevealed.

  Why is customer satisfaction extremely important? Customer satisfaction is a marketing term used to describe our liking of a company’s products or services. It is important because: It is the best indicator of how likely a customer will make a purchase in the future. Asking customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale of […]

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Criminal record checks – why a critical aspect of employee screening? To ensure that the employees that are being hired have a clean past and are not involved in any type of criminal activity It reduces the chances of hiring someone with a history of behaving in a threatening or violent manner. To avoid any […]

address verification of employee

Address verification of employee – Your checklist

Address verification of employee ensures employers to be sure of the correct address of the candidate and gather additional contact details about the employee in case of emergency. Positive verification of the employee will give confidence in his/her shared credentials. Address verification of employee is a vital component of background verification since it substantiates one […]

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fraud in startups


WHY STARTUPS ARE MORE VULNERABLE TO FRAUD? – BACKGROUND VERIFICATION FOR STARTUPS Today’s business pages are filled with news about fraud and embezzlement. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees were the targets of nearly 50 percent of the frauds. Small businesses or startups experience fraud losses at a rate 200 times that of the largest […]

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Previous employment check : what you should know

Why you should not ignore previous employment verification of your employees? Top reasons are: It validates the work experience of your candidate It also ensures that the candidate has the appropriate work experience required for the position Since the frequency of fake experience claims have increased, it will serve as a good test of an […]

Save your Brand

How background checks will mitigate employer’s or business owner’s risk?

New employee onboarding is a very essential task for any organization. This helps new employee to understand the culture and mission of the company. A successful employee onboarding helps to increase employee morale, confidence, and retention of the employee which further enhances your bottom line productivity Employee background screening is an integral part of employee […]

Important TIPS to shield your business from employee’s deceptive nature

Tips to save business from employee fraud By following these tips, you can shield your business from employee’s deceptive nature: Establish a process of pre-employment screening Each employee in an organization should be subjected to such screening which means even the peon or security guard The program should include reference checks. You may also want […]


Why address verification of employee is critical for every organization?

Why address verification of employee is critical for every organization? Address of a person is most likely the main forerunner that can without much of a stretch be faked. The business could possibly view it as vital while checking different parts of the competitor. In any case, today, counterfeit locations are progressively being utilized to […]

common myths about background screening

5 most common MYTHS about background verification

5 most common MYTHS about background verification Background checks are mandatory for employers who wish to have a clear picture of who they are hiring. With big companies being taken to court over compliance issues, a hiring manager could easily develop ideas about background screening that simply isn’t true Here are five common myths about […]

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Think twice before you think that you can’t afford background checks as you actually can’t afford not to do them !

Think twice before you think you can't afford background checks as you actually can't afford not to do them ! Organizations can minimize the risk arising on account of employee theft or fraud by screening for risk factors in an applicant’s background. Employee fraud and theft are imposing huge costs on organizations whether the organization […]

6 reasons why companies should do mystery shopping

6 reasons why brands should do mystery shopping “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”- Edgar Mitchell  For business owners, it is imperative to measure their customer satisfaction ratings and should always work on improvising the customer experience. Mystery shopping is a way to measure the current standards of customer service and will […]

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How to avoid Corporate Misconduct – 5 Ways to Enforce Ethical Compliance

Each time you turn on television nowadays, there is another story of corporate misconduct gracing the headlines of the evening news. The allegations may range from financial fraud to sexual harassment and everything in between. Due to the current nature of technology, the media, and social affiliation, each action taken by an organization and by […]

company culture matters !

5 ways to create an honest company culture

5 ways to create an honest company culture Being prepared for internal threats isn’t tied in with making a culture of doubt. It is tied in with recognizing conceivable dangers, inducing proportionate control measures and making a satisfactory alternate course of action. Below are five ways to cultivate honest culture in your organization:- #1  Ensure the […]

Be careful while terminating employees

14 Steps to be taken before firing an employee

Terminating an employee, even an “at will” employee, involves legal risk if not properly handled and documented. Various laws may prohibit termination based on sex, race, age, disability, religious preference, violations of public policy, retaliation for sexual harassment or discrimination allegations by the employee, and other circumstances. Here are 14 tips on what to do in […]

drug abuse at workplace

8 Severe effects of substance abuse at workplace

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 3,670 suicide cases occurred due to drug abuse/alcoholic addiction with states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi among the UT recording the highest number of drug-related suicides in 2014. Every day, India sees 10 suicides related to drug abuse– and only one of them is from […]

4 factors responsible for employees being dishonest

Deep dive into factors and understand the causes of workplace dishonesty which can help the employer to take corrective actions to combat it: Weak company enforcement:  The organization permits and even sustains deceitfulness by not taking a solid position against it. To deter work environment deceitfulness there must be extensive strategies illustrating what unscrupulousness is […]

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background screening of individuals and corporates

How dishonest employees are extremely dangerous for any business ?

Dishonest basically means untrustworthy, deceitful or insincere behavior. Dishonesty at workplace includes stealing things/information/data/ideas, submitting incorrect data, lying to your managers, and coworkers and unethical conduct like harassment or drug abuse. Deceitfulness can be destroying for associations, with prominent cases bringing both open shame and extreme disturbance to associations and their individuals. For instance, in […]


“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies.”–Lawrence Bossidy For any organization to be successful, it should have the right set of people who have the required qualifications and integrity. The procurement of new employees […]

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