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How background checks will mitigate employer’s or business owner’s risk?

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New employee onboarding is a very essential task for any organization. This helps new employee to understand the culture and mission of the company. A successful employee onboarding helps to increase employee morale, confidence, and retention of the employee which further enhances your bottom line productivity
Employee background screening is an integral part of employee onboarding and is unavoidable in today’s times. This is proven by the fact that the count of background checks has been increasing month on month and year by year.

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Here are the ways in which employee background screening is mitigating risks:
  1. Employee screening validates the exact identity of the employee. This is done by verifying his driving license, PAN card, Aadhar card, passport or any ID proof that has been submitted by him at the time of his joining
  2. Background screening of the employee will help to protect the reputation of the brand/ organization by hiring the right candidates. This can be done by a seven-year criminal check on the employee.
  3. Background verification ensures that you hire the right skill set for your organization. Resume exaggeration is very common these days. In fact, more than 50% of hiring managers have encountered frauds in the resume which includes fake degrees, experience claims from never existing companies, skills exaggeration etc. Scanning of degrees and previous employment verification will help brands/ organizations to protect themselves from such fraud employees
  4. It will also help in onboarding employees that would stay in the organization for a long term. Scanning the previous employment and durations helps to gauge the discrepancy in experiences and filter employees with stability issues. Also, a smoother experience of employee onboarding will help to turn new hires to long-term employees
  5. Reference checks being part of background verification helps to ascertain professional feedback /personal traits of the employee. Right hiring will have employee more engaged and motivated which in turn increases the productivity of the organization and improving your bottom lines
  6. Employees also tend to show inflated salaries through fake salary slips and tampered bank statement and basis them, they get themselves hired on higher salaries than they deserve. This obviously increases the cost. This can be checked through previous employment verification. Bank statement verification can also disclose the real credits in the account.
  7. Violence at the workplace, rape, sexual harassment, fraud, and other crimes can be mitigated if criminal checks have been conducted on all employees  through background verification services
  8. An employee who is having a history of drug abuse can be easily attained by doing police checks and drug abuse testing. This mitigates the risk of hiring such a person who will never be productive and will have to be replaced ultimately

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        9. Executive positions are entrusted with key accounts and responsibilities. The integrity of such positions can be ensured by screening their resumes, degrees and every detail furnished by them at the time of hiring
       10. In old days and even now, HR professionals devote huge time and effort for employee screening through traditional methods like manual verification through paperwork whereas now this can be easily replaced by a reputable employee screening partner who has expertise and years of experience and ensures zero downtime for the process. Their results are accurate, fast and reliable.

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