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Important TIPS to shield your business from employee’s deceptive nature

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Tips to save business from employee fraud

By following these tips, you can shield your business from employee’s deceptive nature:

  • Establish a process of pre-employment screening

    • Each employee in an organization should be subjected to such screening which means even the peon or security guard
    • The program should include reference checks. You may also want to perform education, address, criminal and credit checks depending on the position you’re hiring for.
  • Create security policy and code of conduct guidelines 

    • The guidelines should outline the company policy for employees who are found guilty of being dishonest to the organization.
  • Use human resource programs

    • Develop such programs that are designed to build employee loyalty and align employee and company goals.
  • Ensure that company merchandise or property isn’t easy to steal


    • This could include a number of tactics ranging from locking up merchandise to installing a surveillance system, using biometric system for access to important places and selective access to places which has sensitive data/ information.
  • Establish proper systems & controls

    • There should be proper controls and system to manage for petty cash disbursements, bank deposits, withdrawals, issuance of cheques, payrolls, reconciliation of bank statements, and payment of invoices.
  • Ensure no single employee has control over all parts of a financial transaction

    • There should be separate responsibilities and functions so more than one employee deals with any given financial transaction, and organize workflow to ensure one employee verifies the work of another.
  • Should Perform regularly scheduled and random inventory checks

    • A program should be implemented to manage these checks. It should not be missed at all
  • Monitor the complete premises with closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance

    • Be sure to keep in mind any applicable privacy law requirements with respect to surveillance.
    • Proper recordings should be maintained and checking the system as per a schedule which ensures complete surveillance without any failure
  • Check merchandise records periodically

    • All incoming items should be checked against purchase invoices and all outgoing items against shipping documents.
  • Being firm is important. But so is being friendly and fair

    • If you treat your employees with respect, they’re far more likely to return the favour.

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To sum up, maintaining a business that takes pride in being moral and socially capable is a test, and numerous organizations wind up cutting in excess of a couple of corners for the sake of benefit. On the off chance that you delve further into those organizations, you'll presumably find that trustworthiness isn't prized as an essential trademark. Be that as it may, it's almost outlandish for a business to assemble trust if trustworthiness is certifiably not a directing guideline in how that organization handles each part of its work procedure. In business, genuineness isn't just about doing things the immediately, it's additionally about communicating the qualities in which an organization is established

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